Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 7]

Going 1mnth back in time..OMG!! it's ANACHRONISM.....
Which means:
1. an error in chronology, in which a person, object, event, etc., is assigned a date or period other than the correct one...
2. out of place or at the wrong time.

Dhundla ( BEDIM ) jaye jo Manzile ( COVET ) , Ek Pal ko tu Nazar zhukha ,Zukhjaye ( NUTATE) sir jahan vahin milta h rab ka rasta, Teri kismat ( FOREORDINATION ) tu badal de rakh himmat or chalde meri sathi tere kadmo ke h nishan .. tu na jane aas pass h khuda ... BEDroom me lamp ki light DIM hone se sab kuch BEDIM dikh raha tha..
DON'T TAKE A SHINE TO (ishq na kariyo ) kaake Dil di PRATTLE (baat) na suniyo kaake Hoye, ishq di gali vich khed na kadi Ishqan de badhe BEWAILMENTS (siyapee) !!
no pyaar, no side effects, just VICARIOUS experiences !!

Hum EN MASSE hain
Hum ABUT ABUT Hain...

In TERE NAAM,Salman Khan had a WOEBEGONE expression after the death of his girlfriend.. WOEBEGONE-dejected,dispirited,​crestfallen..
KEY:A short,sad but true love story..
After three girlfriends had left Gabe(a guy),he finally had a new girlfriend..But one day his friend called up and said-"I saw ur girlfriend getting cozy with another guy.." Gabe thought-"WOH BHI GONE?"...And his expression was WOEBEGONE..

RUCKUS (shor)
RUCKUS se kaam mein RUCKawat ati hai........

saawan ka mahina......pawan(ZEPHYR) kare shor(RUCKUS).........

Shaitan 2011=Impish 2011
Impish---like an imp(a little devil or demon; an evil spirit.)
1.a little devil or demon; an evil spirit
2. inclined to do slightly naughty things for fun; mischievous:
Shaitan 2011=Beelzebub 2011
Gazillion of Syn of Shaitan:-
NOUN:-devil Satan Beelzebub dickens Belial Nick deuce scratch archenemy hellhound archfiend puck skipper
ADJECTIVE:-mischievous naughty wicked Satanic impish guileful
Old Nick==the devil; Satan
old scratch==the devil; Satan
Usage:-She had an impish look about him.
gramercy, bedanken:)
Bedanken is a German word meaning thank, express gratitude.!! someone who is impish usually found PISH(exclamation of impatience or contempt..) pish(interjection...-used 2 express disdain)
IMPISH will say I M PISHED....!!

Key: The murderer friend of Homi(a boy) said-"HOMI..SIDE me chalo na..Kuchh baat karni hai..".He took out a revolver and said-"Agar tu HILA toh anniHILAte kar dunga"...Bechaara galti se hil gaya..:P..And then HOMICIDE took place..
Homecide is an action performd to cause death or injury wid intentions nt direct killing.while murder u all knw with intend directly to kill that person both r two diff thngs

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