Thursday, July 21, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 11]

:-(of a fortified position ) unable to be captured or broken into:
2:unable to be defeated or overcome:
Key:- IM {( not OR impossible )}++ Pregnable{ pregnant } ::--if u are IMPREGNABLE you are ABLE TO WITHSTAND ATTACK,unable to be defeated or overcome, unable to be captured or broken into:
SYN:-inexpugnable, conceptive, inviolable, secure, strong, unassailable, unattackable
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syn:> fortified (adj.): To make strong, as: To strengthen and secure (a position).. a fortified building.

the bollywood song ..wadaa raha pyar se pyar ka can be sung as :COVENANT raha pyar se phar ka
Covenant:a binding and solemn agreement.

Meaning: to resign from the throne, or more loosely to cast off a responsibility.
Key: AB D K (bose) TO bhagega apna job chodke sharm se.

...Meaning: to repeal a law or abolish an arrangement.
Key: jo terrorist hote hai un logon ko ABROad jane ka GATE pass nehi lagta, kyunki woh us kanun ko mante hi nehin.

meaning: is to attempt to take on a right or responsibility to which one is not entitled
Key: In Kargil one gatekeeper to another,"oye Shinde, ARRE woh admi to GATE se nikal gaya jawanon ke sath, uska kam to sirf photography karna tha".

break it like MAL + APROPOS...(not as mala+propose)..!

MAL is a prefix which means bad,improper... and "Apropos" means:
1. fitting;
2. at the right time; to the purpose; opportunely.
3. pertinent: apropos remarks.
so goes..MALAPROPOS!
UsAGE:- Apropos to the article published by you, i strongly agree with you on this issue...~ (u may find this in Letters to Editor of TOI...most readers use it there)!

AVENGE:-to harm or punish the person who has done smthng wrong with u or ur dear ones.
for.e.g- in the movie sehanshah amitabh acted as an avenger.
REVENGE:-To harm or punish the person who has harmed(specially) you.
for e.g- in the movie gajni aamir acted as a revenger.
avenge or revenge both mean badla lena.avenge bole to badla lena whn u see k dusro k sath galat ho raha hai. and rvenge means tb badla lena whn u see ke tmhre sath galat ho ra hai.

DOFF-take off hat while greeting smeone, DON-put on a clothing.. Usage eg:: Nirupama Rao DOFFS one hat(foreign sec) only to DON another one(envoy to US) after recent cabinet shuffle..(TOI) Key- DOFF--off(remove), DON--on(put on).

bacha party learning ' UNDER THE AUSPICES OF ' our one and only - Akash sir!
(guidance) Sir ki Auspicious AUSPICES mein hum life mein SPICES daalne seekh gaye hai.

It is used to describe the annoyance one feels at the airport when one's bags have not arrived at the baggage carousel but everyone else's has.
Bechara Dinesh har baar airport par BAG late Milne se Baggravated( bag Aggavated) feel karta hai...

GAFFE- an embarrassing blunder.
Don't put a JAFFI to GAFFE.
(Jaffi is a punjabi word that means to hug.)
Eg.- Introducing yourself beginning with "Myself is ...... ." is the most common type of GAFFE students make.
hoyden..............a wild boisterous girl; tomboy

remember komal chautala......
chitrashi rawat played a charcter of a HOYDEN in CHAK DE INDIA.!!
Puraane zamaane mein CANNON use karna was CANONICAL !

CANONICAL = accepted/ authorized/ recognized
ZAFTIG :- ATTRACTIVE PLUMP.......voluptuous, curvaceous..
literally: juicy...
1. Of lately, it's CANONICAL to have ZAFTIG models in fashion shows!!
2. Transformers fame Megan Fox has a zaftig figure.
3. According to a survey, most men like Zaftig chics.

Puraane zamaane mein caNNon use karna was a violation of caNon
caNNon: bullets can more than one, so NN
caNon : rule is one & same for all, so N.

New song from Aarakshan :-
Chatak kar ( YANK kar ke ) zulf jab tum tauliye se ..
Baarishein azaad ( EXTRICATE ) karti ho, Accha lagta hai !!
YANK - to pull or remove abruptly & vigorously
EXTRICATE - to free or release from entanglement
khullaa saand = EXTRICATED saand
Daddy YANKEE, the famous rapper, loves YANKING his wrist just like all rappers do. YO YO YO MAAAAAN !!!

rambunctious................. hard to control
key : ram bun ko control karna ravan k bas mi nahi tha...............

Yak:-a trivial or unduly prolonged conversation…
to talk, especially uninterruptedly and idly; gab; chatter:
KEY--Kareena in Jab we meet or the famous garrulous basanti..
SYN:--babble, blather, chat, chatter, clack,confabulate, gab, gossip, jabber, jaw, prate,prattle, run on, tattle, yammer.
Ant:-reticence, quiet, silence

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 10]

VICISSITUDE........a change or variation occurring in the course of something....especially Changes in one's Fortunes.
Usage :
  1. Shiney Ahuja in WO LAMHEY sings ....."kal tha FAKEER aaj dil SHehzaada hai"....a change in fortune...VICISSITUDE
  2. SHINEY ahuja was once a SHINIng star in Bollywood until d maid scandal took again a change in VICISSITUDE.

VICISSITUDE should not be Confused with LASSITUDE (already done twice or thrice) ... which means physical or mental weariness
Key : jab Nishant ladkiyon ke peechhe Bhaag bhaag ke Thak gaya (LASSITUDE) to usne VICkS lagaai aur uska poora AttiTTUDE hi Change ho gaya (now gals follow him " :P) ..........VICISSITUDE
fortunes se rel ek word...

abiltiy to discover fortunes by accident_SERENDIPITY

Apiary is a place for bees:
Key:-apiary -(apiculture )... bee hives are usually pear shape..... so a-piary
Aviary is a place for birds; such as, a cage, house, or enclosure:
Key:-AVIary---AVIation so. Place for things which fly in air like bird.
SYN( APIARY)---beehive, beehouse.
syn (AVIARY)--birdhouse, columbary, volary.
  1. The farmer had an apiary for his bees so they could produce honey.”
  2. “She kept several birds in her aviary.”
RAPPROCHEMENT: Re-establishing of cordial relations, as between two countries.
KEY: RE (again) + APPROACHMENT i.e to reconcile or APPROACH again..!!

OXYMORON:A figure of speech that combines contradictory terms..
Eg:- DAYA nidhi MARAN(Read MORON) ...His name is DAYA,but he apparently has no "daya" for public money...So his name is an oxyMORON..;-)
Best example for oxymoron is "RAKHI SAVANT" english SAVANT means a wise person....eventually all of you know the fact of RAKHI SAVANT....................

abjure :to give up
Wo ab jor nahi laga raha...means he has given up now

effete: exhausted....''effete after defeat''

Ensconce--establish or settle (someone) in a comfortable, safe place:to cover or shelter; hide securely:
Usage :
  1. Agnes ensconced herself in their bedroom.
  2. She ensconced herself in a cave of Ice.
  3. The famous tagline of INTEL- Intel Inside can be rephrased as Intel ensconce.

sister -sister talks-- tumhare jeyaji bena june ka mahina bada he JEJUNE hai....

Usage :
  1. (for all) I have just completed the CHASSIS of my presentation.
  2. (for girls) HRITHIK ROSHAN possesses an excellent CHASSIS!
  3. (for guys) replace HRITHIK ROSHAN with KATRINA KAIF in the above line!!

Frivolous (adj)
Meaning : characterized by lack of seriousness or sense: eg. frivolous conduct.
Key : FREE ke mal ka koi seriously VALUE nehi deta.

Abject \ab-JEKT\, adjective
Meaning: 1. Utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, or wretched.
Key1 : MTV Roadies se barbar REJECT hone par Asu ka halat ABJECT ho gaya.
Key2 : Mere Karan Arjun ayenge, Is dukhi ma ka ABJECT halat ko sudharne zaroor ayenge. :D
Usage : In fact, I lived in such abject sloth during the week leading up to the reading that I wrote nothing, not even my diary.