Monday, July 11, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 3]

After M.F Hussain was PROSCRIBED entry into India, no Indian doctor was ready to PRESCRIBE medicines to him!! Dhabey di rasoi vich entry PROSCRIBED:)........NO more for the DAY!!!

‎'loose' is the opposite of 'tight' while ' lose' is the opposite of 'win'.
key:: If a "PERson" is "comPLEX" he will be PERPLEXED in his life!
syn: predicaments,discombobulat​e, bedlam, addle,
memory key: addle A DUL(addle) ADMI kahe itna confuse ho!!!

woh din bhar alcohol me DIPPED(duba hua) rehta hai..SO..he has a MANIAC for alcohol....hence he is a DIP-SO-MANIAC..
DIPSOMANIAC- - a person with uncontrollable desire for drinking alcohol...

IMMIGRANT V/S EMIGRANT...( two most commonly Confused words)
'I'mmigrant -- person going 'I'nto a country,
'E'migrant is a person 'E'xiting his or her previous country
...JAQUELINE FERNANDES ( the hot chic in MURDER 2)...... is a Sri Lankan EMIGRANT but an Indian IMMIGRANT....
Madhuri Dixit ,an Indian E'M'IGRANT left INDIA Single But wahaan U.S jaake She Became a U.S I'MM'IGRANT and of course a Double too after marrying Mr. Nene
Learning key.....EMIGRANT me SINGLE M; IMMIGRANT me double M

Jab dekho bad-bad karna....thats JABBER
BABBLE means jabber where as BABEL means confused noise made of different voices............... party mein BABBLING se BABEL ho jati hai
syn : loquacious, garrulous

ZILCH(khali) haath aayae thein hum,ZILCH(khali) haath jayenge,
Bas ARDOR(pyar) ke do meethe,bol BRIO(jhilmilayenge)..
To hass kyonki duniya ko hai hasana,ae mere dil tu gayega,
aaayaeayae aa aao aa ae aa.....
syn-ZILCH(ZIPPO,NAUGHT). BRIO-enthusiasm and individual style...

GIGANTOMACHY = Battle between the two giants !!!
The fight between The Big Show and The Great Khali is not just a fight. Their fight is GIGANTOMACHY !!!

KEY: "PRE" aur "POST" same word mein hoga to absurd hi hoga!!
syn : incongrous

Emollient--- That which soothes , clams down or softens
Emollient = EMO + LLI + ENT = (KEY) ENO + LIYA +END...
"Acidity se pareshn , use ENO....ENO LIYA and Acdity ENDS(or Clams down or Stomach gets soothed"...:)

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