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Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 5]

Pronunciation:--- PAT-WAHS
Meaning: The regional modified form of some standared language...

kurkure ad- ASKANCE(tedha,sideways) hai par mera hai "teri ASKANCE (tirchhee) nazar ne dil ko kar diyaa puncture !! "

bheja (PERCIPIENCE) fry(TEPEFY)..... we PERCEIVE things through our PERCIPIENCE(BHEJA/INTELLIGENCE​).... WE USE TEL(oiL) during FRY-ING...so.TEL wale TAVE PE we FRY food....(TEPEFY). me apna percipience tepefy nai hone dunga

Adduce means to ‘offer as a reason in support of an argument; cite as pertinent, conclusive, or persuasive’.
Key:-When you ADD another USE then then you have to PRODUCE a REASON or EXAMPLE to support your claim.
Deduce:-means ‘to reach a conclusion by reasoning’.
Key;- To reach the conclusion by DEDUCTION..{ The DEDUCTIVE LOGIC WE LEARN TO arrive at a conclusion }
“The speaker decided to adduce illustrations from real life on the subject of faith and religion.”, “We are not in a position to adduce forcible proofs for our argument/” “The police officer was able to deduce that the criminal was a man" Because the lawyer was able to adduce an explanation for the theft, the judge was able to deduce who was responsible.
synonym of adduce is CORROBORATE

He has the same capacity as an adult to consent(A)/assent(B) to surgical treatment..... (B)assent....
If someone gives their assent to something that has been suggested, they formally agree to it. Whereas if you give your consent to something, you give someone permission to do it.

In engineering ,after semester exam results ,students are geared up with "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED" syndrome..can be well phrased as ..students are geared up with "SUPERVENE" syndrome...
SUPERVENE-to happen,especially unexpectedly and have a powerful effect on existing situation.

The Sky asked Water-"Wat is ur color??".. Water replied-"AS YOUR..(Sounds similar to AZURE)"
You will b in deep PLIGHT( = trouble + embarrassment) if u r caught watching AZURE films.

NOODLE------is a weak, foolish, or stupid person
Bhoota -Pissach nikat nahin aawey ; mahavir jab naam sunawein ... SPOOK - SPECTER nikat nahin aawey ; mahavir jab naam sunawein ...
BANSHEE is a female ghost !! Hanuman ji is a Brahmchaari - so BANSHEE waisey hee nahin aawey :)
waise bhi BANSHEE to BANyan tree ke neeche SHEEla ke javani gane mein busy hai,, SPOOK SPECTER ko hanuman ji ne sambhal liya, bacha WRAITH... to woh darr ke khud hi "rait"(sand) mein mil gaya!!

The plural of handkerchief is handkerchiefs and not handkerchieves ...

INGEMINATE- to state, say or perform something again
The popular song from Felony 2-
Dil sambhal jaa zara phir mohabbat krne chala hai tu
phir mohabbat- INGEMINATION

u seem to be a Porter AFICIONADO (Fan)

KEY : Whenever we fail,we shud be PERSEVERANT,have the power of TEN people(TENacious),and always say to ourselves "AB(Read OB) manzil DUR nahi(OB-DUR-ate)..
APART-to be separated
The chain-link fence kept the angry dogs apart. OR My old car fell apart before we reached California.
A PART-to be joined with
The new course was a part of the new field of study at the university. OR A part of this plan involves getting started at dawn.
Boyfriend says to Girlfriend- “even though we are apart from each other…we are still a part of each other.”

1.wild uproar or noise
2.a very chaotic place
R'mber dat PANDEit in ur local mandir..trying hard to strike a chord on his harMONIUM...wid his bhajans..creating nothing but PANDEMONIUM..(noise and uproar).
@tommy CACOPHONY will only relate to discordant sound...but not the chaos..and @arpita ruckus will only relate to chaos but not d noise!!:))
syn : hullabaloo ant mellifluous,euphonious, dulcet

‎"call it a day"...
which could mean:-
1. to quit work and go home; to say that a day's work has been completed.
2. to stop an activity!
sooo lets call it a day:)

'Main tumhaare Bachay ki maa bannay waali hoon '
Such words can STUPEFY any innocent male....
STUPEFY :- to stun, as with a narcotic, a shock, or a strong emotion.
Key :- Only STUPID men get STUPEFIED with dialogues as these . Others - celebrate 'Happy Children's day' .
"Tum mere bachche ke Maama banne waale ho"...When Ash will say this to Salman,he will be STUPEFIED

Gabbar's immortal dialogue :- 'Kitney Aadmi Theiy ???'
Gabbar's tone here is ROGATORY.
ROGATORY :- (Adjective) :- Pertaining to Questioning / Asking ...
'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' is also a ROGATORY title...
Gabbar is a Rogue (Goondaa in hindi) - Rogatory !!
syn reprobate, knave, wretch

Callous: Emotionally hardened
remember key: when kallis is in form.. he is callous towards opponent bowlers. "CALL US" anything u want to'---Says the CALLOUS gay community..;)

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