Sunday, July 10, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 2]

BETIDES MEASLY MEASLY....AS Kuch Kuch hota hai..
where...BETIDES happen( hona- in hindi)...and MEASLY MEASLY as something or( kuch kuch- in hindi)
tell me MEASLY mere yaar...kar le mujhse aanken char..... pyar ki meethi baaten yaar...oo soniyo .....

MALEDICTION- is the opposite of benediction and it means 'a curse'
Male addiction on the part of males can become MALEDICTION :)

EFFULGENT :- Shining / Scintillating / Bright ...
Kochi Tusker's Effulgent dress in this IPL >
Memory Key :- Ek FULL GENT hee ladies ko EFFULGENT lag sakta hai..Adhura GENT nahin :)

I always have this DELUSION that I am smart, handsome and dashing but she never has such ILLUSION. Bandi, bhaav hi nhi deti !!!

OM SHANTI OM - Main agar kahu hamsafar meri APSARA(NYMPH) ho tum ya koi pari ?!
"?!" - this mark is "interrobang"(shown in the picture)

Caricature - A funny drawing or picture of somebody that exaggerates some of their features .
Memory key - Character ka kachra (Caricature)

CONUNDRUM : paheli
Baaten nayi nahi yeh baaten yeh baaten hai purani........ho ho ho kaisi paheli (CONUNDRUM) hai yeh kaisi paheli (CONUNDRUM) zindagaan....

jo ghar me hum sabka kaam kare or hamare liye 'lockey'(a type of vegetable) ki sabji banaye..wo hai LACKEY.
LACKEY means simply a servant,one who does household work for us

No gent can ever give a COGENT answer to his wife

IN CAHOOTS (with somebody) :: working secretly with someone
~~ has a negative connotation.... usually said about doing something dishonest

new dialog from wanted- 2
1 bar jo maine ALLEGIANCE ker di uske baad to main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta..... 2sri bar jo maine DEVOIR ker di uske baad to main apne baap ki bhi nahi sunta ....... ger 3sri bar jo maine VOW ker di koi meri nahi sunta . :(:(:(

SAKI [sah-kee] also SAKE -a Japanese fermented, mildly alcoholic beverage made from rice.
SAKI- monkeys of tropical South America
remember the song from the movie 'musafir'- Wo sharabi kya sharabi jo nashe me na rahe...O SAKI ,SAKI re SAKI ,SAKI....

SANGFROID- to remain peaceful in all situations
A ne B ke sand fraud kiya fir bhi B SANGFROID raha...
We had to be SANGFROID in the situation of closing down of our favorite group and that's how we could create this page 'Akash ka Vocab Dhaba'

remember the song from BAAZIGAR movie- 'kitabe(books) bahut si padhi hongi tumne magar koi chehra v tumne padha hai?'; here shahrukh khan thus is a BIBLIOPHILE- one who loves books..

Friends, do you speak anyways, anyway ??

CHIMERICAL : unreal, highly unrealistic,imaginary,visionar?y
AISHWARYA rai to viveik oberoi n salman khan said SHE-MARRY-KAL.....i.e she did not actually marry either one but it was assumed by both that she will marry them in future..i.e unreal

Hitherto - Upto this time . untill now
Usage : Kiran bedi became the first woman in India to Join Indian Police Service & opened up the floodgates for the Indian women, a field HITHERTO considered male dominated.
movie AB TAK chappan means HITHERTO chappan..?????

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