Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 4]

NOISOME- the word seems to be related with NOISE.bt actualy it has nothng to do with noise.it is shortened form of ANNOYSOME.
it is used to describe an offensive odor.

One common mistake which i hear people making is -' my hobby is listening music'.
You 'listen TO music'. The word 'TO' becomes imp..

VANTAGE POSITION : Imran Hashmi is always @ a vantage position. It means- a position, condition, or place affording some advantage or view.:)
In a Tennis match - this word could replace 'ADVANTAGE'

kate middleton ki DIAPHANOUS chunni(transparent)
diaphanous:( patli c cheez jismein se light transmit karey)
DIAna Hayden (her mother) also wore DIAphanous chunnis:) DIAmeter of eyes widen on seeing DIAphanous dresses:)
it is not "INIMIKAL"(harmfull )
There is a song in bhojpuri language "BADA JALIDAR BA TOHAR KURTI"...can br rephrased as as "BADA DIAPHANOUS BA TOHAR KURTI"...hmmm

"BADA JALIDAR BA TOHAR KURTI" , jalidar kurti is called PEEKABOO.
PEEKABOO(adj)- (Of a garment) made of transparent fabric or having a pattern of small holes.
-(of a hairstyle) concealing one eye with fringes. PEEKABOO dresses dekh log BEKABOO ho jate h

ASKANCE= to look with distrust or suspicion, with a sideways glance..
KEY: ASK (SAK)..the word itself has SAK (suspicion) in it...!!
" When u want to ASK a girl out for a date and u r hesitant then u give a SIDEWAYS GLANCE to her to ask her out and she in turn looks wid SAK at u..!!"

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