Sunday, July 10, 2011

Word da Dhaba Pappe. [PART 1]

If you want bonus in life, u will have to be ready for ONUS. [ONUS means a responsibility].

On my b'day i gave my friends a dutch treat. u should be more MAGNANIMOUS(generous). tumhaare paas - WHEREWITHAL kamm hai:).(money).there is a DEARTH(scarcity) of money.

ABINITIO-(from the begining)..(adj/adv)
AB(in hindi)+START INITIIO(start from begining)..

PACIFISM - It is a belief that war and violence is wrong. And one who believes in Pacifism is called Pacifist.
ANTONYM of Pacifist is BLOODTHIRSTY HAWKISH= a person who believes in immediate violent response and war-like policy
Memory key: Pacific ocean's hindi name- prashaant pacific/ pacifism/ pacifist- all relate to PEACE

Aggravate :- Make worse.
Syn :- Exasperate, Gall, Provoke.
Ant :- Appease, Mollify, Gladden.
Unique Way :- GIRA WEIGHT sir par, this aggarvated problem..

Mr. Karan Thapar, one of the nation's most prominent journalists has got an awesome DICTION.
DICTION: (way of pronunciation & the choice & use of words in literature)
key: jise poori DICTIONary ratti ho, uski DICTION toh mast hogi hi:)

MIRTHFUL: in high spirits...
like MIRTHFUL (i'm earth ful)...

REBUS-word puzzle...

There is a DESPERATE need among the youth to have a DISPARATE approach towards life.

zooth bolna PAAP(transgression) hai ..

nadi kinare saap hai ..
kali mata aayengi ..
aag laga ke jayengi....
so beware of kali mata n avoid PAAP...:transgression...or sin and happy vocabing :)

1. A facial expression, often ugly or contorted, that indicates disapproval, pain, etc. (noun)
Masters Tip to remember Grimace:
Grim means harsh, severe, bad or gloomy. So when you have a grim face, it is meant to be out of shape and show pain or any other negative emotion. Hence, the GRIMACE.

IMPASSE: a situation in which no progress is possible; a IMPASSE (can't pass)...

FLOTILLA : group of small ships sailing together (especially US warships)
key: 'FLOAT'......'AILLA' teen ek saath:)

UBUNTU-humanity, compassion, and goodness, regarded as fundamental to the way Africans approach life.

Al Fresco:-out-of-doors; in the open air
memory key: AL FRESCO:In morning there is all freshness in the air-- ALL is fresh in open air in morning.

SAPIENT :- means wise ; so SAPIENCE means wisdom..
SAP company only took SAPIENT engineers during campus placements ...
And one of vocabians says- Homo Sapien has SAPIENT characteristics.

STENTORIAN : means Loud and powerful ....It usu. refers to a person's voice.
e.g.; Amrish Puri's Stentorian Voice> - Mogambo ! Khush huaa...
TENdulkar doesnt have a STENTORIAN voice...

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