Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gyroscope or Harlequin

Most children love going to the circus in order to be able to enjoy the antics of harlequins. Nigella Lawson could go straight to the kitchen from scrubbing the toilet with her bare hands and her children'd still fall on her food like a ravenous dog. Her son was incapable of discerning between the causes of poverty from a sociological and an economic point of view. During the recession demand for items like cement and steel slackened. Gyroscopes have several applications one of which is in the auto-pilot navigation system of an aeroplane.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Hedonism of Ancient Kings

Kings and emperors in ancient times were well known for their hedonism. If one accepts that White sharks are occasional vagrant visitors in UK waters, these animals called piranha could not be ruled out. The crowd -- organized via the social-networking Web sites Facebook and Twitter -- largely decried government corruption in Iran. Some of the directors secretly divested their holding in the company when they learnt that the workers planed to go on strike. The government actuary reviews the fund every three years.

Dereliction of Duty in Egypt

The paraplegic in the hospital refused medication as he did not wish to live any longer. His remarks roiled the management of the company. The superintendent was punished for dereliction of duty. The Naschmarkt Old World market has two parallel lanes -- one lined with fun eateries, the other featuring high-end produce and gourmet goodies. The make-up used by the ancient Egyptians to darken and enhance the eyes sometimes took up to a month to concoct.

Sophomoric Thoughts

The first pogrom is often considered to be the 1821 anti-Jewish riots in Odessa (modern Ukraine) after the death of the Greek Orthodox patriarch in Istanbul, in which 14 Jews were killed. Rajesh's sophomoric thoughts landed him in trouble. He deferred his admission to the university. He said he showed the Principal bank statements suggesting he had "considerable amounts of money" but he failed to pay rent and, in 2006, was declared insolvent. Several maces from the middle ages were on display at the museum of the city.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Promenade or Intrepid Spirit

A bold and intrepid spirit is necessary to join the armed forces of our country. But Vani could not make it. She abhorred people who gossiped. Royal decrees cannot be ignored.An ultra modern amphitheatre was being built for the Olympic Games. Only gentry were allowed to promenade in the gardens of the Olympic village.

Unfrock by Lambasting the Politicians

Instead of verbally lambasting politicians, the middle class in India would be better served if they were to be active participants in the democratic process and be vigilant citizens at all times. Abeyance of Ranjan's death sentence was seen in a negative light. The police commissioner insisted on decorum being maintained at all times. Special heresy courts could suspend or even unfrock an errant clergy. I always believed an adage. To reach the chateau at the top of the hill you could either take the bus or you could climb up the precipitous cliff.

Debacle in Tundra with Cistern

When I was in Tundra I used to spend my time reading novels.The ineffable joy of a woman becoming a mother is well documented in the literature of almost every language. The Tundra has a harsh, cold climate. Once I came across a story about a maid blamed for the stealing of the landlord's gold chain. She was solely blamed for the entire debacle. She used to stay in a village named kankurgachi. The government planned to build a huge cistern in the catchment area to harvest rain water for the nearby village. Many lexicographers also stayed in that place. A common rule of thumb among lexicographers is that a word should be spotted in at least five different sources over a period of five years.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicanery of a Churlish Boy

When I was in my school I was a callow boy. I had a very little experience of everything.I did not know how to talk in a office environment. I did know how to control the cadence of my voice. Once because of a calumny by Jayanta I got berated by Subhas Babu. Jayanta made a canard that I was breaking the benches of the school to use them as a cricket bat. Actually that thing was done by Potai, a good friend of mine. I being a candour shared that incident with Jayanta. I even showed the ill fated hands of Potai who had obtained cankers on his palm while he was breaking the legs of the benches. But jayanta turned out to be a cantankerous person arguing with me about the most unimportant things in the world. The place I used to live is very capacious though I had a few capricious neighbours back at that time.We often got involved in a captious arguments regarding the water supply. I had a little showpiece made of glass and it was covered with a carapace for protection. Once during the Diwali we organized a carnival, in which we invited Mr. Amartya Sen as a cardinal guest. After he went, the carnival became a carousal, where the whole crowd was divided into 5-6 cartels.

Because of someone else's fault I got castigated by Subhash Babu. I became a victim of the casuistry of Jayanta. I tried to search the whole library, but I could not find the catechism where the rules and principles of the school are written. In frustration I cauterized some of the redundant books about advertising inside the library itself. I received a caveat from the librarian just after this incident. I was cavilled once again for this headless activity of mine. Since then I became chary. I used to take my steps very carefully and cautiously. I performed every action of mine with certitude. I ignored all the chaffs of the chemistry laboratory. Previously I used to carry them to the field for further experimentation and even got admonished by the lab assistant once. Because of my complete change I changed my image from a cantankerous boy to a rather cherubic one. The chagrin on the the face of Jayanta was quite evident. People came to know the real fact about him. Soon he was known as a charlatan in the school.

Some of Jayanta's friends termed my move as a chicanery. Now after this depressing allegations jayanta became a choleric boy. He was never as churlish as he is now. His ciliated head went well with his newly grown personality. Now he was up to take a revenge on me. The whole rivaly was taking shape in a circuitious manner. And on a contradictory note, he was not even acting in a circumspect manner. During the time in school I went to a clairvoyant once. He predicted that I would be punished in future, for breaking a rule and no one will be there in the courtroom to show any clemency during the event. I though that it was imopssible. At least a clique will be present in the room. I think the teachers were losing their interest in me due to my cloying activities. I coalesced with my best friend to restructure my image in a more constructive way. Once back in November,2000 , I was cycling with my friend. But I fell from cycle at an U-turn. As a result, I had hurt my leg and I had to go to a chiropodist. That was the "D" day for me. I changed in a mysterious way thereafter.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Congenial host depicting a Scrimmage

Rothgery's lawyers argued Texas should provide a defence lawyer for indigent clients once they've made a first appearance before a magistrate, even if no prosecutor was present. The reduction of the manpower in infantry battalions has been justified by the budgetary sophists in a number of ways. There was a dearth of intellectuals in the organization. Some spectators at the courtroom said that the scrimmage was more like an arena full of battling gladiators. But the congenial  host took away the show.He saw to it that all his guests were enjoying themselves.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Blasphemy of the Hoi Polloi

Baroque is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe. To see the art was a beatitude for the eyes. Some felt that baroque is nothing but bedlam of colours on an art paper. Some even got befuddled by the actual meaning portrayed by the picture. One drawing even had a behemoth on it. Sometimes back in the history the baroque artists were beleaguered by the church for being aberrant. The people appointed by the church was bellicose in nature, they used to get involved in all kind of quarrels with the hoi polloi. The church used to pretend of giving benediction to the peoples of the city at the time of Christmas. People used to took the benison in a sacred manner, with head down. But the same church people berated people for small small mistakes. They besmirched the locality by spreading unrest among the people. Some ill fated people people became bibulous, and also bilious as an affect of that. The army had no permanent place to live. They all lived in a bivouac. Some people enjoyed extra benefits in the society because of the blarney, they offered to the pope. The pope also took the help of blandishment to use those people in his favour against his enemies.

More blase workers of the mills were turning against the church each day due to bad administration and the boredom from work. The blasphemy shown by the people of the city was just a matter of time. The blighted sons of the church workers became furious at those people. The blithe attitude shown by the church day became a boomerang for the church. The church always sued the bohemian people out of the city. At the judgement day they also came back for a revenge. The bonhomie became more intense among the common people of the city, and being afraid of a bombastic revolution, the church instantaneously bowdlerized the pamphlets  distributed at its gate. The braggadocio of the "almighty pope" broke in pieces in front of the real power. The water of the city became brackish for the pope from that very day. That night surely the pope might have dreamt of a man with bludgeon running toward him.

Proletarian Religious Movement

The laity do not participate in the papal elections. Laity means those people who are not members of a specified profession or other specialized field. The rococo design of the queen's penthouse was appreciated. Vinay, my roommate crushed the dried bread to make bread crumbs at the hostel today. We had to get up early to attend the lecture of the guest lecturer. The lecturer always resorted to fanciful verbiage when attempting to explain a point. He was explaining about the French Revolution which was largely a proletarian religious movement in significant alliance with that class's new literacy and sense of a power to make itself heard and, moreover, to remake the world.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Story @2010 in ~A~ (Part 2 of 2)

I must say I am an agnostic now. I used to have an alacrity regrading the puja's and worshipping God before my exam, before my results. But the failure of my best friend in an exam in spite of praying day and night with empty stomach took my belief away from God. And since then nothing has yet allayed my frustration on God. The distress that I experienced after 12th January could not be alleviated by anything but a good result in this years CAT. Many should have alluded me to show what not to do at CAT. I must say at the Career Launcher class not a single student had any sense of altruism. Each were fighting for their own spot. Probably I was not ambidextrous enough to crack this wall. When asking for help they sometimes pursued ambivalence, and that addled me. Right now I am trying to ameliorate my condition so that I can give CAT 2011 in a much confident manner. I would not be as amenable as I used to be a year ago.I would be amiable as a friend and amicable as a classmate, but I would fight for myself only.

Every prisoner asks for an amnesty from the court at time of their hearing. Some of them must had felt amorous during a dark night, and got involved in some rather anomalous activity. I usually have an apathy for those kinds of people. I pursue my thinking with aplomb and confidence. Though some of my ideas became apocryphal instantaneously as I had failed in the exam, they are still the archetype for me to get through any exam, whether it is under-hyped or over-hyped as CAT. The society has a number of apostates. And I am among them as well. I like to think that I am an arduous person. It does not matter to me whether the person in front of me thinks about myself as an asinine. I know I would surely arraign that person someday with my confident in the open courtroom of the world. Last year's result does not mark the apocalyptic end of my tries, it marks the beginning instead.

You may be frowning askance seeing me talking about all these things. But I will try to be an assiduous employee of my organization. I may not be the most astute person there but I surely can dig it from anywhere. Right now I am trying to attenuate my enthusiasms to a level so that I can perform best at the D day.I am not an avarice, I am just a dreamer. And I will not let the atrophy of the body of my dreams happen at any cost.

My Story @2010 in ~A~ (Part 1 of 2)

When CAT results came out last year I was abashed by my disappointing performance. My confidence got abated for a minute. I almost abdicated my dreams and lost hope in myself because of a 40 %le in DI section. Many termed my efforts during training period in CTS as an aberration and termed me as an aberrant guy. The abeyance of a training day used to cheer me up as I would get an extra time to prepare for CAT. I abhorred the training coordinator as she insisted on coming early to the office. I sometimes blame her even now for my abject %les. I once thought of abjuring the job but soon realized my financial constraints. I needed an ablution so that I could get out of the pain and frustration of the result. Slowly I am getting accustomed to the fact that I am still an IT employee. There is an old adage saying,"If you've got a dream, you need to protect it."

I was able to addle our training instructor that I was coding in my machine. Though he probably guessed one time that I was giving mock tests. At that time I received an admonish from him. I was adroit enough to shift between windows. At times to get out of the class early, sir received adulation from lot of us in the classroom. Apart from some adventitious holidays we had to go to Techno India everyday. Some used to carry umbrella as an aegis to protect themselves from excessive heat outside. The structure of the locality was not at all aesthetic. Though the people around was very nice to talk to, very affable. Not a single food store was affected by anything. The kakima and dada's of the food store had a long line awaiting in front of their stores but still I used to find their affliction through the lines of affected smile. A garbage collecting van used to come in the afternoon to pick up the agglomeration of food plates thrown by us. Nothing but the heap only got aggrandized day by day.

Raucous Ratul

To wrongly inculpate a man for murder is a serious offence in itself. Ratul's raucous tone was unpleasant to listen to.  Her dainty shoes were made of the finest glass.  He said that he enjoyed going out as it served to relieve the tedium of her daily household chores. After coming back he said that he was so hungry he would eat anything but if presented with a choice he would prefer Chinese gastronomy.

Habiliments of a Modern Day Cricketer

The habiliments of a modern day cricketer are colourful and trendy. Some of them went watch the "Cult" movie. The ramshackle building, known as Uncle Monty's Cottage in the cult movie, still contains many of the original features used during filming. The government in the movie denied that they were involved in covert operations throughout the world. Yuvraj seemed to be quite sedate at the moment though they say that he is a terror when excited.  There is a swimmer too in the movie.The swimmer with the willowy figure won a gold medal at the annual athletic meet.

Friday, May 20, 2011


The editorial made a pithy observation about the lifestyles of the politicians and the causes they espouse. Their retinues followed him in a separate car . The United Kingdom  lies nestled between the contiguous mountain ranges. The police of the convoy of ministers wore normal clothes and mingled with the people in the marketplace in an attempt to trap the drug dealers. When all of a sudden many vehicles were sucked into the vortex of the tornado.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shyamal's Condition

Due to Shyamal's impecunious state he was finding it difficult to meet his quotidian needs of three meals. He was a sluggard and was criticised by his employer because of this. Though he had no compunction about being a  sluggard . The children at the boarding school of his city were served gruel everyday for breakfast. The manager of his company stated that the manufacturing process employed was in conformity with government standards.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Indian Movie Facts

The histrionics displayed in Indian films make them popular to Asian audiences. The actresses' tremulous lips indicated the beginning of a temper tantrum.One movie showed how Commuters disrupted the rail service in Mumbai by forming a human barricade across the tracks. The Statue of Liberty is America's own colossus. One hesitates to say that The Tablet, the Roman Catholic weekly, is guilty of un-Christian behaviour, but its caricature of Fr Michael Seed in its review of his book 'Sinners and Saints' as a celebrity-obsessed gadfly, amounts at the very least to unnecessary stone-throwing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Abstract Village Scene

Insurance is probably the only indemnity for goods that are lost in transit. Ram abdicated the throne in favour of his younger brother Bharat. His wife consumed her meal as if she had never eaten good food before. Randiv was ostracized by the community because he had AIDS. The wispy stalks at his village were piled up to form a huge hay stack.

Chaos In Shop

The large purchase made by a couple compelled the store owner to present a lagniappe to them. But two other men were fighting in the the store. The wrangle between the men escalated into a fight. Counterfeit notes were found by the police at the place. They were arrested for selling adulterated milk at their shop. There was a magazine depicting the Bhopal Gas leak incident. Though the leakage of the poisonous gas from the canister was infinitesimal, many people in the vicinity died.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The new era of West Bengal!!!

The indelible ink used during voting is one of the effective ways of curbing voter fraud. It looks like an elegy is being played in the CPM camps. The threnody brought tears to every one's eyes. Buddha babu's activities were curtailed as a part of his punishment. The real estate agent said that the land in front of Writers Building had indeterminate value as most of it was reclaimed marshland. In short: if the future is remotely like the past, nothing shot-term will stifle the return of rising expectations.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Principal's Principles

The Principal's laconic speech on the steps taken by the authority to prevent ragging during the 2011-12 session did not impress the media though he remonstrated the use of violence in his fight for justice. His wife had ironed out the crease before he wore the clothes. He was telling some stories which were nowhere related to the topic. The story depicted how a sergeant left his men in the desert so that they would swelter in the heat as a test of endurance. The principal announced that he could accept that some boys liked to keep their hair long but he would not tolerate effeminate luxuries like lipstick and nail polish.

Crisis in Forest

The incumbent Prime Minister will be responsible for initiating the second generation of forest reforms that had been previously stymied by the communists. The sinuous path through the forests was dangerous. The credulity of the villagers living there  makes them an easy target for confidence tricksters.Some unknown  artist had sculpted the three sided figure, depicting the forest with remarkable symmetry. It signified that tigers are facing extinction because of the invasion of their habitat by hunters and urban land developers.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In-Justice of the Court

This murder case must be decided on evidence — not fear and innuendo. The quintessence of the case was lost in repeated hearing and false evidences. The judge spared a cursory glance at the case as he did not particularly like his job. During his tenure Sunil proposed a law amendment to the court. But, the court's veto of the proposed law was severely criticised by the media.One of the lawyers wrote a letter to the judge, criticizing the new policies being enforced by him and signed it with a pseudonym.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Election Day Heat

The hoi polloi may decide which party will rule West Bengal, but it is the chattering classes that keep it in power. A putrid smell emanated from the alley of the election poll booths. The candidate's sleep pattern correlated with her stress levels with lower stress ensuring better sleep. The doctor used a lancet to prick the candidate's finger and drew a drop of blood for testing. He joined medical college so that he could emulate his father who was a prominent doctor.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Suchit's Seamy Life

Suchit was constrained to live his seamy life in the most difficult way. Because he once got injured during a bike accident at Bihar. He lost his leg which was not remediable. He had a research paper on microeconomics which was passed in the 2001 quinquennial review of the research councils. The research paper was about the knights who used the lance in jousting tournaments.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dream of a Lifetime

After World War II, the Queen of England declared posthumous awards for many of the soldiers. The royal accountant spent the whole night writing the cumbersome report. He pummelled many draft reports with his fists. But after all these, his brilliant dissertation enabled him to secure a faculty position at the prestigious Oxford University. In all his previous interview speeches he insinuated that his main interest lies in teaching at the university.

Time of Mirjafar

Mirjafar was the most infamous quisling in the history of India. The jaminders at that time distributed looms to the poor families at very high rate of interest. They also distributed saw which was serrated for cutting tools easily and efficiently. At some time in his age a spontaneous combustion happened in a silk factory releasing lot of heat. But the education provided in the parochial schools at that time was not the best.

Lachrymose @Refectory

Stuart was in the refectory when he was reading one of the most lachrymose epic ever written in English literature, The Titanic. Stuart was suffering from chronic Bronchitis for a long time. He was only 12 years old though. So, some felt the news of the chronic disease in not plausible. Some even made crass comments and faced consequences in the college campus.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Fake Artist

The artist faced obsequious comments by the critics because he was alleged of copying ancient painting by great artist. And thus his painting were not original, they were rather a synthetic one. And the artist himself did not have any cogent explanations about these allegations. The police had to cut through his osseous tissue of fake to bring out a confession. Thus he lost the bliss he obtained through keratin years of fame.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Burning Temple

The incendiary burning of the old temple took place when a group of devotees were  listening to a rhapsody played by a young musician. The serenity of the place was destroyed within a fraction of second.The craven nature of some people at that situation made the disaster look more dangerous. After that day the temple's atmosphere became so bland that now you can hardly find anyone there after evening.

Book Fair Bonanza

Our Kolkata Book Fair turned out to be a kaleidoscope of enjoyable events. There was one corner of the ground where one man was selling vernal flowers with beautiful yellowish green petals. The flowers had the connotation that we have to convert the earth to a green planet asap so that they survives as well as we. Some people were lost in themselves. They have a very distrait nature. Thus they allow the swindlers get away with their money in exchange of bad quality products.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Return of the Taxonomist

The people of Alaska extended their cordial support to Stephen Fleming, the taxonomist whose vaunted research paper was displayed today at the museum of California. And many demanded that he was the first ever to have an impartial thought of an extinct race. Though some lackey supporters of Michael Vaughn (his rival) demanded the research papers does not carry enough evidences and are baseless.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Transformation of Robin and his Confidence

Previously Robin used to give inchoate ideas about the curriculum of our High School. But the ideas were rejected straightway by the management. Our headmaster told us that he had a prescience that the ideas were not fruitful enough and they would fall flat once implemented. But now, when Robin is a manager of an MNC, at crest of his career everyone is taking him seriously. Now Robin explains the matters in a much succinct way.