Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Story @2010 in ~A~ (Part 2 of 2)

I must say I am an agnostic now. I used to have an alacrity regrading the puja's and worshipping God before my exam, before my results. But the failure of my best friend in an exam in spite of praying day and night with empty stomach took my belief away from God. And since then nothing has yet allayed my frustration on God. The distress that I experienced after 12th January could not be alleviated by anything but a good result in this years CAT. Many should have alluded me to show what not to do at CAT. I must say at the Career Launcher class not a single student had any sense of altruism. Each were fighting for their own spot. Probably I was not ambidextrous enough to crack this wall. When asking for help they sometimes pursued ambivalence, and that addled me. Right now I am trying to ameliorate my condition so that I can give CAT 2011 in a much confident manner. I would not be as amenable as I used to be a year ago.I would be amiable as a friend and amicable as a classmate, but I would fight for myself only.

Every prisoner asks for an amnesty from the court at time of their hearing. Some of them must had felt amorous during a dark night, and got involved in some rather anomalous activity. I usually have an apathy for those kinds of people. I pursue my thinking with aplomb and confidence. Though some of my ideas became apocryphal instantaneously as I had failed in the exam, they are still the archetype for me to get through any exam, whether it is under-hyped or over-hyped as CAT. The society has a number of apostates. And I am among them as well. I like to think that I am an arduous person. It does not matter to me whether the person in front of me thinks about myself as an asinine. I know I would surely arraign that person someday with my confident in the open courtroom of the world. Last year's result does not mark the apocalyptic end of my tries, it marks the beginning instead.

You may be frowning askance seeing me talking about all these things. But I will try to be an assiduous employee of my organization. I may not be the most astute person there but I surely can dig it from anywhere. Right now I am trying to attenuate my enthusiasms to a level so that I can perform best at the D day.I am not an avarice, I am just a dreamer. And I will not let the atrophy of the body of my dreams happen at any cost.

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