Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicanery of a Churlish Boy

When I was in my school I was a callow boy. I had a very little experience of everything.I did not know how to talk in a office environment. I did know how to control the cadence of my voice. Once because of a calumny by Jayanta I got berated by Subhas Babu. Jayanta made a canard that I was breaking the benches of the school to use them as a cricket bat. Actually that thing was done by Potai, a good friend of mine. I being a candour shared that incident with Jayanta. I even showed the ill fated hands of Potai who had obtained cankers on his palm while he was breaking the legs of the benches. But jayanta turned out to be a cantankerous person arguing with me about the most unimportant things in the world. The place I used to live is very capacious though I had a few capricious neighbours back at that time.We often got involved in a captious arguments regarding the water supply. I had a little showpiece made of glass and it was covered with a carapace for protection. Once during the Diwali we organized a carnival, in which we invited Mr. Amartya Sen as a cardinal guest. After he went, the carnival became a carousal, where the whole crowd was divided into 5-6 cartels.

Because of someone else's fault I got castigated by Subhash Babu. I became a victim of the casuistry of Jayanta. I tried to search the whole library, but I could not find the catechism where the rules and principles of the school are written. In frustration I cauterized some of the redundant books about advertising inside the library itself. I received a caveat from the librarian just after this incident. I was cavilled once again for this headless activity of mine. Since then I became chary. I used to take my steps very carefully and cautiously. I performed every action of mine with certitude. I ignored all the chaffs of the chemistry laboratory. Previously I used to carry them to the field for further experimentation and even got admonished by the lab assistant once. Because of my complete change I changed my image from a cantankerous boy to a rather cherubic one. The chagrin on the the face of Jayanta was quite evident. People came to know the real fact about him. Soon he was known as a charlatan in the school.

Some of Jayanta's friends termed my move as a chicanery. Now after this depressing allegations jayanta became a choleric boy. He was never as churlish as he is now. His ciliated head went well with his newly grown personality. Now he was up to take a revenge on me. The whole rivaly was taking shape in a circuitious manner. And on a contradictory note, he was not even acting in a circumspect manner. During the time in school I went to a clairvoyant once. He predicted that I would be punished in future, for breaking a rule and no one will be there in the courtroom to show any clemency during the event. I though that it was imopssible. At least a clique will be present in the room. I think the teachers were losing their interest in me due to my cloying activities. I coalesced with my best friend to restructure my image in a more constructive way. Once back in November,2000 , I was cycling with my friend. But I fell from cycle at an U-turn. As a result, I had hurt my leg and I had to go to a chiropodist. That was the "D" day for me. I changed in a mysterious way thereafter.

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