Monday, May 23, 2011

Blasphemy of the Hoi Polloi

Baroque is an artistic style prevalent from the late 16th century to the early 18th century in Europe. To see the art was a beatitude for the eyes. Some felt that baroque is nothing but bedlam of colours on an art paper. Some even got befuddled by the actual meaning portrayed by the picture. One drawing even had a behemoth on it. Sometimes back in the history the baroque artists were beleaguered by the church for being aberrant. The people appointed by the church was bellicose in nature, they used to get involved in all kind of quarrels with the hoi polloi. The church used to pretend of giving benediction to the peoples of the city at the time of Christmas. People used to took the benison in a sacred manner, with head down. But the same church people berated people for small small mistakes. They besmirched the locality by spreading unrest among the people. Some ill fated people people became bibulous, and also bilious as an affect of that. The army had no permanent place to live. They all lived in a bivouac. Some people enjoyed extra benefits in the society because of the blarney, they offered to the pope. The pope also took the help of blandishment to use those people in his favour against his enemies.

More blase workers of the mills were turning against the church each day due to bad administration and the boredom from work. The blasphemy shown by the people of the city was just a matter of time. The blighted sons of the church workers became furious at those people. The blithe attitude shown by the church day became a boomerang for the church. The church always sued the bohemian people out of the city. At the judgement day they also came back for a revenge. The bonhomie became more intense among the common people of the city, and being afraid of a bombastic revolution, the church instantaneously bowdlerized the pamphlets  distributed at its gate. The braggadocio of the "almighty pope" broke in pieces in front of the real power. The water of the city became brackish for the pope from that very day. That night surely the pope might have dreamt of a man with bludgeon running toward him.

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