Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Story @2010 in ~A~ (Part 1 of 2)

When CAT results came out last year I was abashed by my disappointing performance. My confidence got abated for a minute. I almost abdicated my dreams and lost hope in myself because of a 40 %le in DI section. Many termed my efforts during training period in CTS as an aberration and termed me as an aberrant guy. The abeyance of a training day used to cheer me up as I would get an extra time to prepare for CAT. I abhorred the training coordinator as she insisted on coming early to the office. I sometimes blame her even now for my abject %les. I once thought of abjuring the job but soon realized my financial constraints. I needed an ablution so that I could get out of the pain and frustration of the result. Slowly I am getting accustomed to the fact that I am still an IT employee. There is an old adage saying,"If you've got a dream, you need to protect it."

I was able to addle our training instructor that I was coding in my machine. Though he probably guessed one time that I was giving mock tests. At that time I received an admonish from him. I was adroit enough to shift between windows. At times to get out of the class early, sir received adulation from lot of us in the classroom. Apart from some adventitious holidays we had to go to Techno India everyday. Some used to carry umbrella as an aegis to protect themselves from excessive heat outside. The structure of the locality was not at all aesthetic. Though the people around was very nice to talk to, very affable. Not a single food store was affected by anything. The kakima and dada's of the food store had a long line awaiting in front of their stores but still I used to find their affliction through the lines of affected smile. A garbage collecting van used to come in the afternoon to pick up the agglomeration of food plates thrown by us. Nothing but the heap only got aggrandized day by day.

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