Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Story behind "Krishti" (Part I)

One day while I was in school me and some of my friends planned to organize a quiz event together. The event was eventually just two weeks prior to our Joint Entrance Examination. Quite naturally our parents flipped out when they heard about our "innovative" ideas. We went every places from north to south to collect fund for our venture. During this Kuntal flipped over a girl whom he saw at Brainware. We started from zero level at our school ground. We were waiting for Rajib da who was going to guide us through the process. Rajib da then was a bachelor, and was awaiting confirmation from an IT firm. He though that our idea was fantabulous. We did not get intoxicated by the lyad, rather we got intexticated. We felt flush at the end of each day collection. Among all of us, Potai and I was not getting ready for any kind of pussyfooting. We were flying here and there irrespective of the domain allocated to us. We wanted to have eminent guests, famous decoration of Chndra da and many more things in our show. When we used to have our meeting at Arka's den, after the whole day of tension we really cut loose. That gave us the energy to jump into the field again the next day. Arka's didi used to be the person in the kitchen cabinet during our planning and scheduling. In the meantime we started to discuss about the different rounds and quiz questions of the event. Someone proposed to put a clipping from a famous revue in the audio-visual round. That suggestion went for review in our kitchen cabinet, and certainly got passed. In the meantime we heard scuttlebutt about another group from another school trying to arrange a similar event on the same day. And like us they also have already set the ball rolling. I thought none of us had a beef with any of them anytime in the past. We doubt Santanu, the class XI boy from our school, is in cahoot with Suman, the main mentor of their group. Raja once had a fight with Santanu in school regarding a football match. And just then we understood that we have fouled our own nest unknowingly in the past.

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